The initial fee is for the initial consultation For Dr Rubina Azam and it is intended for getting complete history on the patient during this visit, they will be no medications or suplements prescribed.
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How do i book an initial appointment/consultation with Dr Rubina Azam?

To book your initial appointment with Dr Rubina , please visit us at and you can book your initial consultation at your convenient time, either in person or via Telehealth.


Integrative and Functional Medicine is the medicine that connects the dots between all the things that are going wrong with our biology. It’s a medicine of why? In Integrative and Functional medicine, the doctor aims at treating the patient as a whole person and instead of numbing the symptoms with medications, the doctor finds out the root cause of the problem through advanced scientific testing and biomarkers using specialized labs.

The important thing to remember is that we do believe in the science and utility of Medications and vaccines for the prevention and treatment of various infections, including Influenza and COVID Vaccines.

Integrative medicine combines the modern conventional medical approach with a focus on lifestyle.

Are you taking new patients?

Yes, we are accepting new patients.

Do you accept insurance?

At this time we are NOT accepting any insurances for our functional medicine appointments. 

How do I become a patient here?

The First step is to schedule an initial 30 minutes consultation with Dr Rubina Azam.  You can book the initial appointment by visiting us on and click on Book now/Book online.

This visit will be focused on the goals to get to know you and your health needs. Dr Rubina will take your history and arrive at an assessment based on your history and current health problems. This visit can be in person or via zoom. After this meeting, you and Dr Rubina Azam will decide which Tier of membership is best for you based on your health needs. 


Membership based Patient Enrollment only:

At this time, due to the extremely high demand for Dr Rubina Azam's services , we are taking patients on an annual membership basis only. There are three different Tiers of membership, each providing a different level of service. After your initial consultation, you will be provided information about membership Tiers option. 

Why do I need Integrative and Functional Medicine?

There has been a recent rise in chronic diseases in population generally and specially in women and children including but not limited to Autoimmune diseases, Thyroid problems, Fatigue cancer, Allergies, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Digestive diseases, IBS and IBD , Hypothyroidism and several other conditions. 
The Functional Medicine physician will focus on finding out the cause for these acute and recurrent symptoms. In most cases the recurrence of any symptoms, whether its allergies, chronic infections, weak immune system or cardiometabolic syndrome can be a sign of something more significant at the cell level which can be diagnosed and treated in a gentler fashion.

Is Functional Medicine for me?

Functional Medicine revolves around lifestyles and the personal involvement of patients in their healing Journey.  The functional medicine approach requires a patient's commitment and dedication. The Functional Medicine Journey is different for each individual depending upon how long their body has been going through the illness and a state of imbalance. Every patient's Genetics, Biochemistry, and environment are different and therefore every patient's care plan, time, and response to treatment are different.  It can sometimes take years for the body to fully heal. We can not expect the body to immediately heal and reset to where it is supposed to be in a few days or weeks. However, most patients start feeling better within days and if they continue to adhere to their Functional Medicine Physicians' recommendations and lifestyle, they will eventually see a significant difference.

Will I continue my routine medications for anxiety, Thyroid, ADHD and other Illnesses that I am currently on?

Dr. Azam MD will not stop any of your regular medications. Her goal would be to find the root cause of your condition, and formulate a plan which is based on the root cause. Once you have started feeling better and the symptoms are improving, the medications can be eventually stopped by your primary care doctor
Dr. Rubina Azam MD will be happy to work with your doctor to achieve optimum health for you and your family.


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