Integrative and Functional Medicine is the medicine that connects the dots between all the things that are going wrong with our biology. It’s a medicine of why? It’s the medicine of Future and an answer to our current broken down health care system which cannot stop the epidemic of chronic diseases. Conventional medicine aims at shutting down the symptoms to stop the disease process whereas functional medicine considers why the symptoms and disease is happening. Conventional medicine tends to focus on naming the disease and then matching it with a specific drug which is completely opposite of Functional and Integrative thinking. In Integrative and Functional medicine, the doctor aims at treating the patient as a whole person and instead of numbing the symptoms with medications, the doctor finds out the root cause of the problem through advanced scientific testing and biomarkers using specialized labs.


Why do I need Integrative and Functional Medicine?

There has been a recent rise in chronic diseases in population generally and specially in women and children including but not limited to Autoimmune diseases, Thyroid problems, Fatigue cancer, Allergies, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Digestive diseases, IBS and IBD , ADHD and several other conditions. This sharp rise in the incidence of chronic diseases along with the fact that most conventional medicine physicians are focused on treating the acute symptoms with heavy medications, it is extremely important that all patients have a Functional medicine physician.
The Functional Medicine physician will focus on finding out the cause for these acute and recurrent symptoms. In most cases the recurrence of any symptoms, whether its allergies, chronic infections, weak immune system or cardiometabolic syndrome can be a sign of something more significant at the cell level which can be diagnosed and treated in a gentler fashion.


Why do children need a Functional Medicine approach?

Children are at a very critical phase of growth and development. Their bodies are extremely fragile and their organs are still developing. Research has shown that children are more sensitive and more prone to the environmental toxins than adults. They are also more prone to side effects from medications than adults.
Its very important that any child with a health condition, whether its allergies, eczema, Asthma, ADHD or recurrent ear and lung infection by evaluated by an Integrative/Functional medicine doctor to find out better and gentler alternatives than the conventional medications.
Dr. Rubina Azam MD will work to identify the underlying condition of your child, order advanced testing and come up with a treatment plan which is customized for your child and is safe for your child.


Will I continue my routine medications for anxiety, Thyroid, ADHD and other Illnesses that I am currently on?

Dr. Azam MD will not stop any of your regular medications. Her goal would be to find the root cause of your condition, and formulate a plan which is based on the root cause. Once you have started feeling better and the symptoms are improving, the medications can be eventually stopped by your primary care doctor
Dr. Rubina Azam MD will be happy to work with your doctor to achieve optimum health for you and your family.


What are the investments involved?

The care you recieve with Dr Rubina Azam is not a one visit care, its a lifestyle and commitment.

As a patient you should remember that any investment you make in your health today will pay off in long term. It’s about time that patients start taking their health serious and protect themselves as much as possible from the highly toxic environment that we are living in.

We are now offering care packages to ensure patients are committed to the lifestyle changes needed and can achieve the results they want. 

To obtain more information about the care packages and how to sign up for them please text 850-446-5201. 


What to expect in the first visit?

The first visit is the visit when Dr. Rubina will review your detailed medical history, medications history, life style, genetic and environmental factors, and your symptoms and signs. Based on this information she will order some advanced scientific labs and testing to look at the processes at the cell level. Usually these labs can take 2 to 4 weeks, that’s when your first follow up will be scheduled.


Follow up visits.

The first follow up visit will be in 3 to 4 weeks, when all the lab results are back and Dr. Rubina Azam has come up with a detailed treatment plan for you based on your test results. She will review the labs with you and explain what each and every result means.
After she has formulated a treatment plan with you, she will want to see you every 4 to 6 weeks to follow up on your symptoms and may repeat the labs as well.


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